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Andi Sterm

client since Octomber 2017

Hi Ivelina

Sisi is very nice and did a really good job today J We are very happy to have helping in our house.

So… can I propose that she comes to us for 5 hours each time and that this is:

· Every Friday from 13th starting if possible at 8am

· Every Wednesday from 1st November starting if possible at 8am

· Every Monday from 18th December starting if possible at 8am

How does that sound?  We may be able to speed up the switch over if we need to make sure we get Sisi’s hours but would ideally go along the lines above if you think that will work.

Can we talk about how you will invoice us at some point also, today or maybe Monday morning?

Thank you!

Kind regards,



client since January

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that we're really happy with the work Elitsa did today, and would love to have her to come to clean for us once every fortnight (for 2 hours).
Ideally would be great if she could come 7am each time. Let me know if that will work :)

Myeisha Benshemesh

client cince August 2017

Hi! I am really happy with the work Melina did today. I look forward to having her back Thursday, Thank you


client since July 2017

Hi there Iva and Toni. We would just like to say that Toni did a great job today and we really like her, We are very happy and would love for Toni to come every two weeks for 4 hours at the same time on Monday. If you need anything before then please feel free to contact me, otherwise see you on 31st July at 1pm. Just a reminder to bring pfoto Id and 1 or 3 references if you have. See you then :)


client since September 2017

Hi Iva, Anastasia is very good, she's doing an amazing job. Is she available regularly? Every two weeks for two hours, during the day (not so early)?
And if so does she have references? I'd like to have her back and give her keys. Let me know. Thnk you for organising this. 


client since August 2016

Hi Iva, I was delighted!! She did a brilliant job-hooray! She did the job in 3.5 hours and I paid her £12 an hour for today but would love for her to come every week so will pay her £11 an hour from
next week if that's ok? So happy! 


client since July 2017

Hi Iva, 
Just wanted to say Emi did a really great job today- we are very pleased... please pass on our feedback! 
I don't have her contact details or payment details so please let me know. 


client since November 2016

Fantastic job by your cleaner.  Very fast and thorough and I would like to book every 2 weeks.  Shall I pay £36 today?
Thank you for sharing your experience with us!
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